BC Galleries is a member of the Europe-based CINOA (Confederation Internationale des Negociants en Oeuvres d'Art) and the Australian Antique Dealers Association, and was formerly a member of (while it was still operating).

We regularly provide expert art appraisals for both private collectors and institutions, and our buying clients include museums and art galleries around the world.

Every item sold through the Antiquities (Ancient Art) categories on this website is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. These pieces are guaranteed to be genuine, unconditionally and without time limit.

The certificate of authenticity indicates the culture, age, material, function, condition and dimensions of the piece and includes a photograph of the item.

The pieces on the Tribal Art pages are also unconditionally guranteed as genuine, but because they are more contemporary in nature, we do not as a rule supply a certificate of authenticity with each item, with the exception of tribal artefacts of significant age (19th century) or importance.