Q & A’s

We have taken the liberty of anticipating some FAQ'S. Doubtless there will be others in the months ahead (though not too many, we hope!)

Q. What currency are your prices in?

A. Please remember that our prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS, not U.S. dollars. See our currency conversion page for a better idea about what the conversion rates are.

Q. Why do some items not have an "Add to Cart" button?

A. This is because the large dimensions and/or weight of the piece mean that the otherwise standard 2.5%, 5.0% or 10.0% additional charges for postage and handling do not apply in that particular case. If you are interested in purchasing an item which falls into this category, please contact us. The site will automatically prevent you from purchasing such an item until we have negotiated a freight charge on your behalf, and which you consent to pay by adding it to the cost of the actual item.

Q. Are all items listed on the site authentic?

A. See our Authenticity page.

Q. Can I return an item if I am not satisfied with it?

A. Yes, you are able to return an item if it does not meet with your approval, so long as it is returned to us within the period specified in the "Terms and Conditions" part of our site. We are not interested in having a dissatisfied client!

Q. Do you sell items at trade prices?

A. We have a special scale of trade prices. If you are a dealer, we are able to sell items at a discounted rate. Please contact us with your details and a list of the items in which you are interested. Want-lists submitted by dealers are also welcome. Please note that trade prices are only available to other dealers.

Q. What other items do you have for sale?

A. Our holdings are not static. We acquire new material all the time. Some of this material is possibly not going to be related to the categories which are already in place on this website. Feel free to contact us if there is a field of ancient or tribal art in which you are interested, but which is not represented on this site. We may be able to find you something in our galleries in Sydney or Melbourne. Remember also that whatever we place on our website database is only a fraction of the material that we have in our galleries.

Q. What happens to my credit card and personal information after I have made a purchase?

A. After the appropriate transfer of funds has taken place, all information given to us by the client is deleted. We may, however, sometimes retain the name and postal address for the purposes of mailing out catalogues, if the customer so wishes.

Q. Your site does not seem to be working. I cannot add items to my shopping cart and when I submit my order, I get error messages. What's going on?

A This site operates with the use of "cookies". For most people, this would not be a problem. However, for those of you who elect to have your browser automatically reject cookies, you will not be able to successfully navigate through the entire site. You will have to tell your browser to accept cookies. Additionally, this site only supports the Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer browsers. We cannot guarantee that the site can be viewed successfully from within other browsers.

Errors will also occur if you have been visiting the site site for over 30 minutes and have remained inactive for that duration. This is what will have happened if you find that your shopping cart is suddenly empty.

Q. What do your "cookies" do?

A. Our cookies do not do anything malicious or spy on your machine, as is the common misconception. In our case, they simply help us keep track of all the items in your shopping cart along with totals, postal charges etc.

Q. Do you offer secure credit card information facilities?

A. Yes, we do. When the time comes to fill in the "check-out" form, you should notice a small lock at the bottom of your browser window. What this means is that any and all information entered by you is encrypted before it is sent to our server for processing. This is currently one of the best forms of security on the Internet today.

Q. What sort of material will I find in the Miscellaneous section of the Catalogue?

A. You might find, from time to time, Celtic or Viking art, Russian icons, or illuminated manuscripts, to give just a few examples of areas not covered in the main antiquities catalogue. But remember, you can look for these types of items by visiting either of the two search features on our site.