Ethiopian protective scroll

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An Ethiopian protective scroll.
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An Ethiopian protective scroll.
Materials: Natural vegetable dyes and ink on vellum.

The scroll depicting two angel figures and a talismanic figure, with untranslated text.
The text, in the Classical Ethiopic language (Ge'ez).
The scroll would have been composed by a priest of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. It would have been carried by the owner or placed in her house to provide constant protection.
The Ethiopian protective scroll tradition incorporates both Christian and pre-Christian elements. Much of the religious iconography is clearly understood, but the precise meaning of many of the talismanic symbols is unknown.
It was believed that all afflictions of the body and soul were caused by the presence of evil spirits. The prayers in these scrolls frequently invoke the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of various saints to invest the priest with the power of healing.

Ex Seyoum Tessema, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ex T. McAllister Collection, United Kingdom, Townsville, Queensland, Australia



Northern Ethiopia, late 19th century to early 20th century


Length: 174 cm / Width: 10.5 cm


Good condition, with wear in sections and some staining at the edges.