Brachiopod - Parispirifer bownockeri - Marine fossil

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Brachiopod - Parispirifer bownockeri.
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Brachiopod - Parispirifer bownockeri. 
Brachiopods are exclusively marine animals with a body covered by a shell formed of two valves of unequal size which are connected either by muscles or locking devices. They live at various depths, anchored to a base by a flexible stalk and live on microscopic life, which they drive towards their mouth by means of whirling ciliated arms. These superb pyritised specimins are typical of a long-extinct large spiriferoid brachiopod.



Middle Devonian (380 million years ago), Formation: Silica shale, Medusa limestone quarries, Sylvania, Lucas county, Ohio, USA


Diameter: 42 mm