Ming Dynasty bronze fixture with incised poetry

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A Ming Dynast bronze fixture, possibly a base from a larger object.
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A Ming Dynast bronze fixture, possibly a base from a larger object. The underside with incised script. We have had a Chinese Scholar translate the script and found it to be poems from two artists; one Sung and one Tang. The poems are 7 words by four verses.
Translated they read: 

濟人可博門庭大, 教幼先知粟麥難, 黃山谷詩無平弱, 李阳冰字有古姿。 

By helping more people will lead to having a busy and bigger house/court. By teaching the younger people general knowledge, one would gain the insight into how difficult the farmers cultivate our produce.
The HuangShanKue (黃山谷) poetry does not have any ordinary or weak verses. 
The LiYangBin's (李阳冰) writing has impressive ancient characteristic.
LiYangBin is an artist/scholar in the Tang Dynasty (about 759 AD).
The other poem originates from a book called "HuangShanKue Poetry and Commentary" (“黃山谷詩話”) written by a Northern Sung artist HuangTingKin (黃庭堅).
An interesting study piece.



Ming Dynasty, Circa 1368 to 1644 A.D., china


Diameter: 22.3 cm / Height: 2 cm


Verdigris patina consistent with age, the areas of script have been cleaned. In good condition.