Shan gilt bronze image of Buddha

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Shan gilt bronze image of Buddha
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A very fine gilt bronze image of Buddha. Depicted seated in Bhumisparsha mudra atop a six tiered stepped base.  In front of the main figure are five other images of Buddha, and the surface of each of the levels of the base are also adorned with images of Buddha in relief. The base has three much older Buddhist amulets set in clay dating from the Pyu Kingdom, and a later blessing written in red pigment. 


Buddha,Shan Period, circa 18th century A.D., Burma / Myanmar

Amulets, Pyu Kingdom circa 7th to 10 Century A.D., Burma / Myanmar


Height: 20 cm  / Base width: 15 cm 


Surface wear with minor areas of loss to the gilt decoration consistent with age, in overall fine condition.